As always, John Herrman has remarkable insights into technology platforms.

Percent of president's party planning a congressional vote meant to show support for the president:

June 2006: 33%

June 2010: 43%

July 2014: 35%

Now? 52%

FLOWCHARTS! What is changing about the family separation policy -- and what isn't.

Trump keeps using Germany as an example of the dangers of migration. The situation there is far different than in the U.S., as new data make clear.

Last week, I reported that the NRA had pulled old grades from its website.

This morning, Everytown released a database of grades since 2009. I made it searchable.


Tue, 6:02 pm


Trump presents immigrants in one, consistent way. Here's a more nuanced look at the decisions that go into seeking asylum in the U.S.

Tue, 1:39 pm


"At 5, you’re considered independent enough to go into a cage with people you don't know," Rep. Mark Pocan told me.

Tue, 12:15 pm


Who said that family separation was meant as a deterrent? Well, these people.

Tue, 10:28 am


Trump sees a hard line on immigration as central to his political success and Stephen Miller is reinforcing that idea. Here's why it's a risky strategy politically, all other issues aside.


Mon, 7:26 pm


Nielsen argued that a 314% increase in accused smugglers at the border necessitated separating parents from children.

DHS gave me hard numbers: After the increase, 0.61% of families from October through February included alleged smugglers.

Mon, 3:32 pm


Before announcing the Space Force, Trump took a minute to lament how horrible and tough border policing laws are and also how weak and bad they are.

Mon, 1:42 pm


Two-thirds of Americans oppose Trump's family-separation policy -- but a majority of Republicans support it.

Mon, 11:57 am


A new look at how widespread contacts with Russia and knowledge of Russian "dirt" were among Trump's team in 2016.

Mon, 9:28 am


How the administration's rationalization of family separations is splintered for various audiences.


Fri, 9:13 pm


A field of plants that moves in a breeze thousands of miles away.

Fri, 9:10 pm


Soccer fields in random places around the world.

Fri, 6:03 pm


If you thought Trump was tweeting a lot recently, you were right.

Fri, 3:20 pm


Here are some counties that Mexico may be allowed to seize, per Trump's reported theory of geopolitics.

Fri, 12:49 pm


What the law says about family separations -- and how the White House's rhetoric on it is false.

Fri, 10:52 am


Why does Comey matter? Over the last two weeks of the campaign, he was mentioned one-fifth as much on cable news as Clinton herself.


Thu, 4:30 pm


The IG report allows us to hear Strzok and Page explain all those texts themselves. Here's what they said.

Thu, 2:25 pm


The tax bill promised higher wages and more jobs and ... guess what.

Thu, 12:36 pm


Here's how the New York attorney general alleges that Trump used other people's contributions to veterans to bolster his presidential campaign.

Thu, 9:56 am


As promised: An assessment of how many Americans were old enough in 2016 to have asked Trump to repatriate the remains of their sons who served in the Korean War.


Jun 13, 6:24 pm


Most Americans learn about Trump's tweets from the media. Many also only read headlines. That math problem is simple.

Jun 13, 3:34 pm


The threat Cohen poses.

Jun 13, 1:59 pm


More than 60 percent of American children were enrolled in Medicaid or CHIP for some part of 2017.

Jun 13, 12:27 pm


Let's say Trump won't fire Pruitt and Pruitt won't resign. What possible punishments might he face?

Jun 13, 10:29 am


A theme among Republicans this year is that standing with Trump pays off. A theme among Democrats is that women are faring well. Those things are related -- and on Tuesday overlapped.


Jun 12, 7:05 pm


The good news for Trump is that the biggest surges in people going to the polls come after the point he decided to weigh in on South Carolina's primaries.

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