This is a good, important question.

So what's the net staff increase for Trump over the last 14 days? Plus-one?

The 1993 hearing where Trump talked about who did and didn't look "Indian" was a good preview of his 2016 campaign.

Donald Trump is "looking at" a lot of things that he doesn't want to talk about.

The more-popular (or less-unpopular) candidate usually wins the presidency.

One of the final contributors to the excellent blog The Toast? Hillary Clinton.

Via @shaneferro. [ Also from @shaneferro. ]

I think the kicker sums this up nicely.

Trump "appears to view church as a place you go every few years to marry a model."


Thu, 11:46 pm


An incredibly detailed comparison of Google and Apple Maps.

Via @pollsandvotes. [ Also from @pollsandvotes. ]

Thu, 8:09 pm


The Boris Johnson disaster is a reminder that politics is all about organizing.

Thu, 7:57 pm


Trying out to be on The Bachelor is exactly like what you would think.

Thu, 6:16 pm


This is a neat bar, hidden inside Grand Central. Oh well.

Thu, 6:00 pm


Inside the only gun range in Manhattan.

Thu, 2:49 pm


are you prepared to be amazed

Thu, 12:40 pm


The first time Sanders won federal office in 1990, he bashed the amount of media Donald Trump was getting.

Thu, 12:01 pm


Used the new Census data to see how presidential candidates did in majority-minority areas.

Thu, 10:13 am


Why is Trump faring poorly? Perhaps because half of Republicans wish they had another nominee.

Thu, 8:41 am


Just say no.

Thu, 8:33 am


Klan leaders say Donald Trump's immigration position and his ascendancy in the GOP are signs things are going their way.


Wed, 7:57 pm


What's inside an airplane's black box.

Wed, 7:41 pm


538's first electoral vote projection has Clinton doubling up on Trump.

Wed, 7:39 pm


90 percent of Americans believe in God. 61 percent believe in the Devil.

Wed, 7:33 pm


Mitch McConnell says Trump is not credible as president; Clinton is "intelligent and capable."

Wed, 6:22 pm


I feel like kids in middle school get detention for doing this.

Wed, 3:57 pm


At long last, De Blasio's new social media guy gets something to go viral.

Wed, 3:18 pm


I tried to figure out how many hats Donald Trump has bought.

Wed, 1:05 pm


Want to predict if a European would be confident with President Trump? Ask if they're confident in President Putin.

Wed, 11:20 am


The least popular options for a VP who's a member of a minority group are one who is gay or one who is Muslim.

Wed, 9:54 am


Why that new Quinnipiac poll shows Trump down 2 while ours had him down 12.

Wed, 8:32 am


Obviously I had to ask an expert on genetics if Scott Brown's plan to DNA test Elizabeth Warren would work.

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