Life at the utterly unethical, outrageously competitive world of British tabloids.

Blacks and whites agree: Race relations are bad.

More DC anti-skyscraper propaganda.

Berlin, immediately after the war.

Via @kottke. [ Also from @kottke. ]

The guy who kept telling Congress that we needed to set aside forest to burn to make rain.

I did not know that FDR narrowly avoided assassination shortly before being first inaugurated.

Only '90s kids will know what the hell this Onion article is about.

Worse on social media: Politicians or brands? Go.

UPDATE 3:40 pm

Still angry about how much time we had to waste writing qualifying statements about Clinton maybe not running for the presidency.

And now: Your online guide to Ben Carson (the candidate, not Ben I. Carson or @bencarson or Ben Carson from Facebook).

One of my strongest career skills turns out to be keeping a dog from barking while doing radio interviews.

11:28 am


Demon sheep and Hog Flat and Carly Rae Jepsen and more in your Online Guide to Fiorina.

new york is still buzzing about little baby princess no name

UPDATE 10:03 am

oh man the new royal baby has the same name as chelsea clinton's baby, looking forward to the stories about this

"Those close to Christie say he has a chance to get his derailed campaign back on track." Well then.

UPDATE 8:30 am

Those close to Pacquiao say that the final decision hasn't yet been rendered.

Those close to CDs say that digital media can still be beaten.


One-time Meerkat evangelist Dan Pfeiffer has moved on to Snapchat.

The only problem with the localization on this article is that I didn't know the nearby county it kept referring to.

Here's hoping today's date is on your side, to the extent that that is helpful!


Sun, 8:58 pm


Dallas Channel 8 reporter Jobin Panicker was on-scene at a shooting near Dallas.

The Los Angeles Times has a story up about the shooting near Dallas.

Fun fact: Garland, Texas lent its name to Hank Hill's Arlen, Texas.

UPDATE 12:07 am

I hope Ms. Gellar isn't too upset with how the day turned out.

Sun, 7:25 pm


It's a boom market for the footnote industry.

The late Sunday local news announcement suggests a new level of 2016 savvy.

Sun, 6:46 pm


I will never tire of the recreation of simple technologies in Minecraft. Here: A camera.

Sun, 6:43 pm


Photographs of abandoned places in and around New York City.

Sun, 6:32 pm


Why doesn't Quakebot have an author page? Poor Quakebot.

Quakebot needs to build its brand on Twitter.

Sun, 4:09 pm


A friend is raising money for MS research and it is a good thing to think about helping with if you think about such things.

Sun, 12:41 pm


Tip to the apt-hunting bros we just passed: A crappy solo apt is a far better deal than sharing a decent one with three dudes.

Sun, 11:48 am


The Atlantic looks at the sail-shaped building going up on the West Side highway.

Sun, 11:40 am


If you're grown up enough to see cops pepper spray a guy in the face but not grown up enough for the F-word, here you go.

Sun, 11:31 am


We watched two good documentaries last night: Big Men and God Loves Uganda. Both grotesque in different ways!

Sun, 11:27 am


Little Kimmy Jong Un visited a planetarium.

Sun, 11:21 am


Political campaigns have been keenly aware of the FEC's impotence for some time now.

Sun, 11:13 am


Hardly anyone searches Google to learn about old Clinton scandals.

Anytime I write about the Clintons, I am reminded by commenters of how many stupid nicknames their opponents have granted them over the years.

Sun, 11:10 am


Unexpectedly interested in the idea of a high-quality Nancy Drew mystery game.

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