Newspapers mentioned in rap songs.

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"I can't wait to see Woody Allen's new sex comedy!" - FBI profilers

The Butte Cobras got a new uniform.

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A remarkable visualization of how Americans die.

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The history of #teens.

Sound waves displayed in two dimensions and in flame.

I graphed 13 years of drought in California and Texas.

The smartest take.

Posts I wish I'd done: Comparing fear of crime with actual crime rates.

This encapsulates a lot of terrifying things about the subway.

The first thing a BP exec did after learning that Deepwater spill estimates were too low was to sell all his stock.

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The curse of experience in presidential politics.

Do oil companies include sea level rise in their offshore drilling cost estimates?

I suspect that the Bloomberg-NRA fundraising causality suggested here is wrong. 2013 saw a real anti-gun push, too.

Russia's Ukraine infiltration as a new form of warfare and invasion.


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Pity the poor Kochs, left indigent by Comrade Obama.

Wed, 10:29 pm


Police departments lure recruits by emphasizing the violent, head-cracking subset of the job.

Wed, 9:51 pm


Liking a brand on Facebook could invalidate your right to sue, which is another reason to avoid #brands.

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The east side of Manhattan seen from overhead in 1944.

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Places in America no one lives.

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Seeing a Fallon clip in the cab and am surprised to learn that Denis Leary now has Trump hair.

Wed, 7:29 pm


Resolved: This is the best movie trailer of all time.

Wed, 2:09 pm


In which The Wire's staff describe their worst injuries and indicate if, like Colton Burpo, they went to Heaven.

Wed, 10:43 am


a "terribelius idea" cc pulitzers

Wed, 9:00 am


I don't know, man. This seems like it might not be the best timing.

"a terribelius idea" cc pulitzers

(It would be cool if you could edit tweets! Someone should write about that. cc @mat)

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Just to torment the Northeast, The Atlantic posted a gallery of beautiful Spring pictures.


Tue, 11:05 pm


What does April sleet bring?

Tue, 10:41 pm


Google might use the positive reinforcement of search rankings to encourage secure web sites.

Tue, 9:46 pm


Blank username, fake verification stamp, and you, too, can be the president.

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(Obligatory comment about how this is as legit a representation of Barack Obama as facebook/barackobama.)

Tue, 9:17 pm


"Everytown for Gun Safety" is not a terrific name.

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