In the past year, Europeans have paid al Qaeda $66 million in ransoms.


Hilariously baffling "tips" on remembering that 9 times 4 is 36.

Textin' with Satan.

"Nothing has an off-season anymore."

12:04 am


An unpleasant event, but so much great color in this story about the West Village gunfight.

Via @lauraolin. [ Also from @lauraolin. ]

UPDATE 12:05 am

"A woman who answered the phone at the Pink Pussycat, an erotic shop nearby, and gave her name as Cheyenne Whittier..."


Mon, 11:29 pm


On every day of the last week, the Homestar Runner wiki was updated. The New Age of Enlightenment continues apace.

Mon, 11:18 pm


Why was A-Rod buying salad on the Upper East Side at 9:45 this morning? Or: WAS HE

Mon, 11:12 pm


Of the top 15 highlights on Amazon, two are from Pride and Prejudice. The rest are from Hunger Games books. Good job, teens.

Mon, 10:51 pm


Some pageant show comes on TV. "She says the best piece of advice she ever got is: 'Never give up.'" Oh. Solid advice.

Mon, 10:17 pm


So Verizon made an ad about how you can listen to your music or whatever, featuring Sid Vicious and Debbie Harry.

And a safety warning about how you should "not attempt" some dumb stage dive, no doubt mandated by their idiot lawyers. 2014, ladies and gentlemen.

Verizon, keeping it real

Obviously the ad is terrible, so please understand that this is an inverse endorsement.

Mon, 8:13 pm


We are about two weeks away from the 40th anniversary of this.

Mon, 7:33 pm


McConnell leads among men by six. Grimes leads among women by one.

Mon, 7:28 pm


Boston PD solved 79 percent of murders of white men, 38 percent of black men.

Via @wesleylowery. [ Also from @wesleylowery. ]

Mon, 6:55 pm


Can't decide if this is a metaphor or just a tidy future talking point for environmentalists.

Mon, 4:01 pm


I geeked out a little on the leaked Michelle Nunn campaign plan. Campaign Plans 101!

Mon, 2:42 pm


What if there were a campaign run entirely by PACs? We're starting to get a sense of what that might look like.

Mon, 1:58 pm


The irony of this ad, of course, is that the White House now has solar panels.

Mon, 11:54 am


Critiques of presidents as the worst or incompetent or dangerous tend to peak the year of reelection.

Mon, 9:14 am


The immigration issue, says Palin, is what makes "the battered wife say, 'no mas'!" Oh.

Sometimes I think Sarah Palin oversimplifies complex issues.


Sun, 11:19 pm


How to find how you're rated as a passenger by Uber drivers. (I'm a 4.8.)

Sun, 9:26 pm


No movie has been more obviously terrible from its preview / promotion than The 100-Foot Journey.

Sun, 9:13 pm



Sun, 8:27 pm


30 percent of female vets responding to an IAVA survey said they'd been sexually assaulted in the military.

Sun, 7:59 pm


A comprehensive Smiths timeline, with embedded songs. And just like that, I'm in high school again.

I have invested far too much emotional energy in the Smiths to stop now.

Sun, 7:53 pm


Resolved: Snowpiercer is more Running Man than Logan's Run, which is why it's good.

Sun, 7:43 pm


Using Yo (and, therefore, your phone) as an authentication mechanism.

Via @bafeldman. [ Also from @bafeldman. ]

Sun, 5:34 pm


We went to about six stores today, but finally found what we were looking for.

Sun, 5:23 pm


Please stop doing war things to Ukraine, thank you.

Sun, 12:22 pm


The president of Honduras:

[T]he United States is the great consumer of the drugs. The advantage that you have here -- if you can call it an advantage -- is that the violence has been separated from the transit of drugs.

Hard to disagree.

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