The biggest cop-out in the history of musical theater is "la, a note to follow sol."

School segregation and Ferguson.

Relations between De Blasio and the police were frayed from the outset.

It is hard to Google for news about Tampa Bay fans being hit by lightning.

My chart of the top websites over the last twenty years has basically gotten a year's worth of traffic in a week.

The all-time best rock-and-roll holiday song is Monster Mash. Second place: Blue Christmas.

A now-closed Rite Aid in our neighborhood was once one of New York's automatic cafeterias.

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Have an exciting day planned for Lucy.

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An interesting consideration of how maps work in video games.

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Florida is becoming a literal cesspool, thanks to climate change.

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A year in dumb Twitter slang.

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Slow clap for this headline: Tonight will be the longest night in Earth history.

UPDATE 9:36 pm

Pretty amazing that tonight is the shortest Winter solstice night since 1912.


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What the world needs now is an adorable picture of my dog getting excited about Christmas presents.

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The Mall of America's Christmas decorations are surprisingly modern.

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Two police killed in a random attack in Brooklyn.

The union issued a warning about a threat to police earlier this month, though it's not clear that this is related.

One of the officers killed today was married two months ago. The other had a 13-year-old son.

A terrible, unhappy thing at a volatile, unsettled moment.

Politics as tragedy contest is never a good look.

In all seriousness, what's the argument that De Blasio bears any blame? That he empathized with Garner protestors?

In answer to my question, @danfromdc points to these comments as "sowing distrust" with police.

"We're all in this together," the mayor told grieving cops, according to a cop who was there. "No we're not," one officer said tersely in response.

Pataki should probably learn how to spell De Blasio's name.

UPDATE 12:26 am

A bad day, a bleak year.

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Tattooed guy hops out of a car in front of the Met. Woman smoking a cigarette takes his picture as he holds a sign: "I AM FATHERS' RIGHTS"

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Two words that don't apppear in this exegesis of the media business: "generation" and "snobbery." Both could.

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Using 70-year-old aerial photos to measure the scale of Antarctic ice change.

Sat, 11:23 am


This is a very grim story.

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January 20, 2017. On his way out the door, Barack Obama flips a big on/off switch labeled "Internet." A new American golden age is born.

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Revisting Justine Sacco.

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I'm not sure that Biddle's characterization of the motivation for his tweet is entirely honest, but still an insightful piece.

"Revisiting bad behavior" is making a late play for 2014 theme of the year.

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Maybe economic failure will finally get Dolan's attention.

Sat, 12:15 am


I sort of want to do some "Year in Media" listicles just so I can put Racket in both "Best New" and "Most Missed."


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A monkey-English dictionary.

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This gentleman can control his prosthetic arms with his mind.

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Need to know about birth control? Here, let Donald Duck explain.

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You could listen to Dr. Oz or you could just flip a coin to decide what to do, same thing.

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This is less a story about a 58-year-old man than a story of a very painful, scarred life.

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An annual tradition: My wife, age 4, mumbling her way through some Christmas carols.

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