Not much to add to the Clawson story, save a GIF of the most horrifying moment.

Chris McDaniel only needs nine votes to get to the U.S. Senate.

The headline store just ran out of "Will Apparent Plagiarist Keep Job?"

Why you should do background research when buying a house in Pennsylvania.

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Someone about eight feet above my head and three feet behind me is doing a lot of sawing and hammering, so that's nice.

"Eighteen percent said impeachment could appropriately be used to registered dissatisfaction with White House policies."

UPDATE 7:39 am

High crimes, misdemeanors, and general annoyance.


Thu, 10:44 pm


As if minor league ball weren't already choked with ignominities.

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Thu, 9:47 pm


Tour the world by drone.

Thu, 9:33 pm


The people gawking and waving at the drone in this Space Needle video reminds me of people in photos from the early 1900s.

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Thu, 7:59 pm


The history of Adobe Illustrator (and, more broadly, pre-computer graphic design).

Thu, 7:50 pm


Our 1959 pitch to Muscovites showcasing America's cool technological toys.

Thu, 7:47 pm


A look at Sid Meier's new game which, this article not withstanding, looks like Alpha Centauri 2.

Thu, 7:41 pm


"All dogs must be registered with security and get a photo ID badge."

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Thu, 7:29 pm


I was watching footage from a bombed school in Gaza when the procession of hearses in the Netherlands popped up on Twitter and this is some world.

Thu, 7:22 pm


A photo of San Francisco in the late '50s -- taken the same day as a scene from Vertigo.

Thu, 7:16 pm


The University of Texas misspells "Texas" in the domain in its media guide.

And Oklahoma fans waste no time.

Thu, 7:04 pm


How a cruise missile launches from a submarine.

Thu, 4:55 pm


232 thoughts about the kid with 232 teeth.

Thu, 4:37 pm


Scoop of the day.

Thu, 4:02 pm


Some 11,000 people claim Obama campaign experience on LinkedIn. The marketing value of 2008 and 2012.

Thu, 2:36 pm


Is there a word that combines "karma" and "schadenfreude"? Karmanfreude.

Thu, 12:53 pm


In which I out myself as a resident of New York City.

Thu, 11:49 am


Watch each state sentence people to death and then kill them, by year.

Thu, 10:10 am


Jimmy Carter was the Times' favorite president.

Thu, 9:19 am


Huh. Paul Ryan just suggested increasing the earned income tax credit in part by ending subsidies to energy companies.

Thu, 8:38 am


Glenn Beck decides that attending a marathon makes you a public figure, so he can disparage you without recrimination.

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Thu, 12:22 am


My wife and I were just amazed that we forgot how LuAnn Delessep's first song went.

Thu, 12:02 am


A detailed description of how the Buk SAM system works.

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Wed, 11:00 pm


A project that asks prisoners what they'd like to see out of their windows, and then photographs their responses.

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Wed, 10:16 pm


The lengthy history of trying to make Americans better at math, and failing.

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