In which I reveal that I was a brat that was young during the Reagan administration.

If you write about chickens and use the words "cry fowl," your eternal fate is being elbowed in the face by Shakespeare.


Tue, 11:50 pm


Let's not make "Rochester man" a thing, OK?

Tue, 11:44 pm


Look, if the Yankees don't make the playoffs in Jeter's last season, that is a MESSAGE FROM GOD.

Tue, 9:46 pm


Attention: Queen Latifah knows how to get me interested in watching TV.

Wait. Are you kidding me? No faves on that? DID YOU WATCH IT. It is basically a Simpsons cut scene.

Tue, 7:37 pm


The cross-tabs on this have bad news for him: Most people don't know about his opponent.

Tue, 7:24 pm


Here is a dog that has a variety of occupations.

Tue, 7:16 pm


I wish I had a week off to explore Chris Ware's new work (and, more fully, his past stuff).

The precision and intricacy of it is so perfect for the medium. He's alarmingly talented.

Tue, 7:13 pm


Even the accused criminals and cheaters are going to get reelected, never mind the other incumbents.

Tue, 7:09 pm


In the 1960s, California thought about streaming water in from Alaska.

Tue, 7:08 pm


"The business of the NFL is business, and nothing and no one can mean more than that."

Tue, 7:04 pm


Bobby Jindal calls Obama a "science denier" as he argues against man-made climate change.

Tue, 6:59 pm


Honestly, this seems kind of dangerous.

Tue, 2:21 pm


Why a Dem turnout push likely won't decide the Senate: turnout deals in very small increments.

Tue, 10:39 am


I made a thing which tells you in real time if John Boehner is awake or asleep.

Tue, 9:07 am


A day in the life of John Boehner.

Via @philiprucker. [ Also from @philiprucker. ]


Mon, 11:42 pm


"The resident who was chasing the vehicle confirmed to police that people think a witch lives at his house."

Via @notjessewalker. [ Also from @notjessewalker. ]

Mon, 11:40 pm


Like restaurant letter grades, but to warn you if you'll be crushed to death.

Mon, 9:01 pm


Play music from an in-browser command line.

Via @metafilter. [ Also from @metafilter. ]

Mon, 8:58 pm


A remarkable assessment of one clearly ill person's obsession. Humiliating for him.

Mon, 8:53 pm


Among the racial data OKCupid dug up is a spike in people willing to date racists over the last year.

Via @jbouie. [ Also from @jbouie. ]

Mon, 8:49 pm


Likely thanks to thinner seams and more powerful machines black lung disease is resurgent in miners.

Mon, 8:46 pm


Marriott unveils a campaign to get people to tip the maids. Tip your maids! You are all cheap.

Mon, 8:45 pm


62 percent of white people in St. Louis County think Michael Brown's death was justified.

Via @wesleylowery. [ Also from @wesleylowery. ]

Mon, 3:42 pm


Yes, yes, we know Hillary is running. But mannnnnnnnnnnn imagine if she actually decided not to.

Mon, 1:19 pm


People registered late in election cycles actually turn out more than the overall population (at least in California).

Mon, 11:09 am


I figured out America's most American states as revealed by the science of beauty pageantry.

New York won three Miss Americas straight -- but D.C., Hawaii, Oklahoma, and Mississippi overperform.

Mon, 8:35 am


Legalizing marijuana for the tax revenue is the new building a casino.

Mon, 8:30 am


A mid-19th century guide to spotting counterfeit money.

Via @slatevault. [ Also from @slatevault. ]

Mon, 8:02 am


Fournier: We are right to be scared of ISIS because we should be skeptical of intelligence claims that ISIS isn't much of a threat.

That's quite a line of argument.

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