Clinton told reporters in Iowa to meet her at one location so they wouldn't find her at the real one.

The FBI exaggerated the degree of matching in hair analysis in hundreds of trials before 2000.

UPDATE 8:02 pm

You know what's a good newspaper? The Washington Post. You should buy that newspaper!

Saturday night media news dump.

This woman is a bad vet.

Via @stevesilberman. [ Also from @stevesilberman. ]

Using VR to recreate the horrors of the war in Syria.

Forget it, Jake. It's one of an increasing number of Chinatowns.

92 years ago today, Babe Ruth invited people to come check out his house.

11:32 am


Pro-tip: Most white Americans whose families extend into the 1800s had ancestors that owned slaves.

UPDATE 11:34 am

That's not meant to sound casual; it was jarring when I learned about my own ancestors' history. But let's not pretend it's unusual.

11:31 am


Pick me up, knock me down.

11:29 am


The critical "employee" versus "contractor" distinction, seen through the lens of Uber.

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Fri, 10:30 pm


An oral history of Airplane!

Fri, 10:25 pm


Brief scenes of New Yorkers in New York.

Fri, 6:57 pm


On the internet, no one knows you're not a vaping teen.

Fri, 4:04 pm


Not to be all Takey, but I am actually baffled at Clinton's campaign timidity.

Fri, 1:27 pm


Who better to talk with me about the renaissance in Clinton conspiracies than the people at Snopes?

Fri, 10:19 am


"Both men are believed to be from Pittsburgh because of their accents."

Fri, 9:42 am


The family of the boy killed in Boston would rather give up the death penalty than spend another decade discussing his death.

Fri, 12:03 am


Colorful, square, small, sticky, it makes sense that Post-Its have become physical pixels.


Thu, 11:50 pm


Fact check: The Monkees were by no means too busy singing to put anybody down, as their own show made clear.

Thu, 10:26 pm


Can a person that films an important public news event charge for its use?

Via @mattdpearce. [ Also from @mattdpearce. ]

Thu, 9:25 pm


Cheap, easily deployed swarms of Navy drones.

Via @newyorkist. [ Also from @newyorkist. ]

Thu, 9:21 pm


Afghani kids at a skate park.

Thu, 6:38 pm


Ta-Nehisi Coates on the overuse of the often-blunt instrument of police officers.

Thu, 6:32 pm


Why our presidential races are now (at least) two years long.

Thu, 6:27 pm


The earliest Apple homepage clearly pre-dates Jobs' return.

Thu, 5:16 pm


Kansas' welfare law seems punitive in part because participant rates were already plunging.

Thu, 5:08 pm


A lot of misunderstanding out there about the enormous difference between organizing to join a union and joining one.

Lots of people in lots of places get together to talk about joining a union. And very, very often, that effort is stamped out.

So Gawker employees banding together to try and organize is interesting. It does not mean they have formed a union.

Thu, 4:55 pm


OK, everyone, there are enough ads now. We made all the ads we need. Thanks to all of you, and let us know if you need a reference.

Thu, 2:57 pm


Star Wars is lame. Comparing GOP favorability on a cool interactive is coooool.

Thu, 11:48 am


High school Marco Rubio as Chippendale dancer.

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